Adventures Guides Invade the Valley!

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Last weekend Frost Valley YMCA hosted the New Canaan YMCA Adventure Guides and Princesses. This group of dads and their children take trips throughout the year, but their spring camp-out here is always a favorite. Adventures Guides and Princesses is a national YMCA program focused on parents spending quality time with their children. One of the goals is for families to do things together that are unique and make long-lasting memories. Additionally, dads share social camaraderie, and their children gain life-long friends.

The New Canaan YMCA Adventure Guides and Princesses take trips throughout the year, including day trips such as bowling and picnics and camp-outs at various YMCAs. Heading the program is Davie Cedela, who has gone on 31 outings. She most enjoys watching the dads interact with their kids and get out of their comfort zones. These are dads who play Gaga, run around the fields, and paint their faces – all for the love of their children.

New Canaan YMCA dad Paul B. was a part of the Adventure Guides and Princesses when his 32 year-old daughter was young. Now he does the program with his 7 year-old son and 12 and 10 year-old sons. It’s a long-standing family tradition that he enjoys being part of.

Each spring new Canaan YMCA chooses Frost Valley for their spring camp-out. Davie says that she never hears complaints about the activities, because there is so much to choose from. There are also many activities that dads and their children can do on their own. If you would like more information about the Adventure Guides and Princesses program, contact your local YMCA. We proudly host many weekends for the program throughout the year.


Ashley Ritzheimer

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