Al’s August 16 pix

What a day it was—Wednesday, August 16, the third full day of session four. Loads of sun, cool temps, breezes. Earlier I posted some Geronimo pix. Here are the rest of my photos from the day.

The Y Tower as seen from the path leading down from the dining hall behind Margetts Lodge.
Jose offers Spencer some of his enthusiasm.
Adventure leadership: apparently they were not singing, but “chatting.” Seems to me like fairly voluble chatting.
Memphis from Lenape loves pizza but decides to seem neutral about it.
Meems is back from the U.K. She couldn’t keep away.
Hemlock/Sacky VCs—a summer of great brother-sister village programming.
Birthday guy DeQuan.
Aaron likes sometimes to free-dance before the meal is served.
The lower solarium on a typically hectic day.
James from Lenape gives the approval on the pizza.
MAC Girls happiness.
Sammi sometimes just wonders where she is—that’s how happy she is at her happy place.


Al Filreis

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