During every two-week session we see children of former staff. This session is no exception. In fact, a veritable wave of these alumni and their kids flowed in today at session 1 check-in. Below are photos of just a few such folks. Kate Westerbeck Lewis and Helen Cornman each will have two kids here this summer (one of Helen’s is a Junior Counselor). Rachel Matthews has brought her daughter to camp (she’s very excited as you can see). And then a crew met at the entrance to the dining hall: Dave Mager (whose Gus is a CIT), Kate Lewis again, Josh Tucker—and Ellie Gordon, not in the photo—have their two kids here again (both in Adventure Village). Next is yours truly, whose daughter Hannah is Assistant Director of Camp Wawayanda. And Keara Giannotti, whose daughter Sunny also arrived today. I’ve just identified the folks in the photos below.

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