3 canoes on lake cole

Amazing beauty, rain, hiking, and colonial farm day

Yesterday afternoon I had a big decision to make.  I was looking at weather.com seeing that there was a good chance that it was going to rain and that there was a slight chance of thunderstorms.   Last session many of the campers had given us the feedback that the overnight at Pete’s Pavilion was the best part of their entire time at Farm Camp.  On the other hand what will the staff do with a bunch of scared campers if by chance there was a thunderstorm.   Me being the eternal optimist I decided that since we would not have another opportunity to go to the amazing overnight spot we would gamble against the weather and go for it.  Sometimes when you take a chance it works out really well….other times….it rains, and rains, and rains.  Everyone had fun and we found a way to get everyone inside, dry, and warm.   There were some amazing views and the campers had a chance to socialize and enjoy the clouds as they rolled in and out.  Everyone came back early to shower and to eat a big brunch.  Now Colonial Farm Day is in full swing complete with blacksmithing, mule pulled wagon rides, colonial games, and more.

One of the fun additions to farm camp this summer is  giant pumpkins.  They are coming along well with at least 2 baby pumpkins on each plant, but they really need some sunshine and warmth.

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