An Inside Look At Frost Valley’s New Young Women’s Leadership Adirondack Hike And Climb Trip

In order to give campers and parents an inside look at Frost Valley’s new Young Women’s Leadership Adirondack Hike and Climb Trip, new Adventure Director Tori Staley answered some questions parents and campers might have about the trip.

1. Can you describe the campers this trip would be well suited for?

“This trip is ideal for campers who will be going into seventh or eighth grade in September of 2020 and are interested in spending time in the woods and exploring outdoors. Campers who would like to build confidence in a group of her peers will benefit greatly from this trip. Being in a group of all young women encourages the campers to step boldly into leadership roles.”

2. What prior experience or approval is necessary to register for this trip?

“No prior experience is necessary, but campers should have a willingness to be outdoors and learn in nature. If you are unsure if this trip is a good fit for your camper, please email Tori at to set up a time to talk about it.”

3. Why was it important to make this an all-female trip?

“We got some really positive feedback on our Young Women’s Leadership – Long Trail Adventure Trip two years ago, both from the trip leaders and the campers. One of the trip leaders expressed the value in this type of trip, saying ‘an all-female trip was so important because it gave campers the chance to step out of their comfort zones in a very safe and non-judgmental environment. All the girls were able to take on leadership roles, learn skills, and open up in a way that, at this age, they might not be able to do in a coed group. While I see a lot of value in coed trips, all female trips give young women the unique opportunity to grow and challenge themselves.’ “All our Young Women’s Leadership Trips participants ended last year’s season feeling competent, strong, and confident in their ability to face adversity together. The Women’s Leadership Trips (link) were so popular last year we added two new trips to our 2020 Adventure Trips lineup.”

4. Who will lead the trip? Can you speak about their qualifications/experience?

“There will be two returning Frost Valley trip leaders who have years of prior experience with our Adventure Trip Program. Our Frost Valley staff members have Wilderness First Responder certification, which is the premiere emergency medical training for leaders in remote areas. They also undergo a rigorous two-week training process at Frost Valley prior to leaving for the trip. We will also partner with the Adirondack Rock and River Guides who are AMGA certified and excellent at tailoring climbs to a group’s specific needs.”

5. Which trails will the campers will be on?

“We will be in the Adirondack wilderness either in the High Peaks or Adirondack Lake area.”

4. What skills will they learn during the program?

“The campers will learn Leave No Trace seven principals©, basic camping and backpacking skills, belaying and rock climbing, and back country cooking.”

5. What Leave No Trace seven principles© will they learn? 

“In order to create as little environmental impact as possible while on the trip or camping out, campers will learn the Leave No Trace seven principles© including: Plan Ahead and Prepare, Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces, Dispose of Waste Properly, Leave What You Find, Minimize Campfire Impacts, Respect Wildlife, and Be Considerate of Other Visitors.”

6. What kind of meals will the campers have during the trip?

“The campers get to do some back-country cooking. Breakfasts will include things like cinnamon rolls, oatmeal, granola, and cereals. The campers will do a lot of snacking during the day to keep their energy up. They’ll have things like tortillas with soy nut butter and granola bars. Dinner will include hot meals that include pasta and other grains, vegetables, bean burritos, and soups.”

7. What other activities will the kids participate in outside of hiking?

“The campers will participate in a variety of teambuilding/leadership activities where they will learn about self-advocacy as well as how to support their fellow adventurers. The girls will take turns being leader of the day where they will get to set the pace of the hike, pick out the meal, choose the campsite, and help resolve any conflicts that arise that day. Additionally, all campers will have daily responsibilities that keep the group functioning well such as cleaning up camp, following bear safety protocols, taking care of the gear, and gathering fire wood and water.”

8. Is there anything you’d like campers to know about the Young Women’s Leadership Adirondack Hike and Climb Trip?

“Adirondack Park is a little-known gem. This trip offers a seamless blend of backpacking and climbing experience in one of the most beautiful areas in the Northeast. This beautiful combination of forest and hike peaks gives adventurers a unique opportunity to experience the majesty of both in one trip.”

You can visit the Young Women’s Leadership Adirondack Hike and Climb Trip page to view the trip itinerary and packing list. Call 845-985-2291 for more information or register online.


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