3 canoes on lake cole

Another wacky Wednesday!

Can’t believe session 2 is almost coming to an end – and what a phenomenal session it has been! Between overnights, Olympix, night swims and so many more activities, we’ve created an abundance of memories! Today has been another great day, filled with so much laughter! We’ve had some great sunshine, although the late afternoon got a little cloudy.


Some of our Sacky Hemlock campers moments before jumping into the deepest section of our lake, the green section!
How funny is this shirt!? I couldn’t resist asking PAC camper, Danny Scully for a photo with his friend!
Sunburst pre-trampoline
Silly Sunburst mid-trampoline jumping!

I caught up with most of the villages as they spent their time in our wonderful Lake Cole! In the Hird we give campers the opportunity to chose between swimming/boating and jumping on the water trampoline or going to an activity run by the activity counselors. Some people don’t enjoy swimming and we totally understand, so we try to include them in our afternoon programming (inclusiveness is one of our coveted core values!) Some campers hang out on the beach, taking in the wonderful views while others get as wacky as possible on that previously mentioned trampoline! 

Later on in the day, I caught up with PAC, Windsong, Sunburst and Susky as they participated in Al’s famous challenge night! Throughout the course of the evening program, campers (and staff) participate in various challenges acquiring points, until eventually there is one team that wins! At the moment I found them, they were participating in the balloon popping challenge – one camper and one staff member create a team; the staff member blows up a balloon and the camper needs to sit on it and pop it as quickly as possible! You can see the excitement in the photos below!

Sad to see session two on its way out –  but looking forward to the memories we’ll continue to create over the next 2 days!


Meredith Gray

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