1. Applicants must be entering 11th grade in the Fall or 16 years of age by the start of the in-Training Program.
  2. Complete the online CiT application by November 10th.
  3. Please follow-up with your references. References must be completed and submitted to Frost Valley by January 1st. Great people for references are teachers, recent counselors, employers, or people who have seen you work with children, or have seen you in a leadership position.

Apply to be a CiT! The in-Training program is about teens developing their independence and leadership skills. Applicants MUST take the initiative to complete the application and questions. Space is extremely limited in these programs. Preference towards a particular session is not guaranteed.

Scheduling an Interview

Applicants have two ways of interviewing for the CiT program. Applicants can participate in Winter Camp and have their interviews conducted while at Frost Valley. Registering for Winter Camp can be done online at https://frostvalley.org/camp/winter-camp/ or by phone at 845-985-2291. All other applications will be contacted in the beginning of January to set up a phone interview time for later in the month. Applicants will receive notification of their acceptance by mail before the end of February. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dan Weir at 845-985-2291 or email dweir@frostvalley.org.