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Architecture 101

Today I had the privilege of teaching Cabin 35 Architecture 101. We talked some professional vocabulary and some drawing techniques, then set off on our Architectural adventure. Starting off at the Y Tower we drew the amazing structure that it is and practiced some of the techniques of drawing.


We then went over to the garden and starting working on our future proposals for the green house. We discussed some revolutionary proposals that included concrete walls, no doors and the housing of chickens in a sustainable fertilization system. The creative juices were flowing throughout and it was so great to see how detailed Cabin 35 made their drawings and annotated them for clarification.


Our final stop was to see Tom Holsapple, Director of Operations, to pitch our proposals to build our grand designs. He was very receptive and the money and building work will begin very soon!!!




Kieran Murray

This is my 6th summer at Frost Valley, I absolutely love working on the Activities Team, getting to experience all the different things we do here at camp, USB and the waterfront being two of my favorite activities on camp!

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