At Farm Camp, It’s Always ‘Campers Choice’

Although we have a set weekly schedule, everyday the campers get to choose what they would like to do during our Campers Choice period. Each day, counselors will run different activities for the campers to choose from. Today, campers choose between: archery, arts and crafts, and even chapstick making! Each day we try to include one activity that interacts with the farm land in some way. This morning the chapstick making group used essential oils and herbs from the garden to make the perfect balm. In the past, campers have weeded in the garden, cuddled with bunnies or even made a fun snack!

Today for snack we had homemade pesto, made by Yurt 2, with ingredients from our garden.

Tonight the kids are playing Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo is similar to capture the flag, except in Wells Fargo, campers duel for socks!


Build Strong

Marissa Shadburn

Assistant Farm Camp Director



Marissa Shadburn

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