We’ve had an incredible last few days at camp. With beautiful weather, we’ve been able to run around outside and hang out at waterfront. Last night, for a special treat, we all got to take a hay ride to visit our friends down the road at EVR for their drill show! It was a blast, and we loved having the opportunity to see another part of camp and spend some time with our East Valley neighbors! Tonight, we celebrated the end of our incredible session with a closing campfire! At campfire we heard poems, impressions, songs, and even saw some remarkable counselor look-a-like pairs! It was so great to see […]

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Today we woke up to an incredible sight at Farm Camp…a meteor crashed next to the Dining Hall, and turned us all into Dinosaurs! For a change of pace, today we had our Dinosaur theme day! This morning, campers used materials from the art barn to create their best Dinosaur looks. Then, campers went through a rotation of activities including: a Dinosaur obstacle course, archery, mortal noodle and more! This afternoon, campers raced around camp to make the best Dinosaur treats (popcorn) with many different types of toppings. We tasted s’mores popcorn, honey popcorn and even chipotle spice popcorn! Tonight, campers will save the last of the dinosaur eggs by going on […]

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Farm camp is in full swing and the last few days have been full of awesome activities, despite the rain. In barn specialty, campers have been talking about the different components of the relationships between farmers and consumers. In cooking specialty, campers have been cooking treats such as kale soufflé, with ingredients from the garden. In meditation specialty, campers have been talking about different ways to breathe. Today was the last day of specialties for the week, the campers will start new specialties on Monday! The weekend  has also been a blast. Yesterday, we filled our morning with campers choices like hiking, arts & crafts, and even a live action […]

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We’ve had an incredible first two days at Farm Camp. Monday, we signed up for our Specialty Classes, which include: Barn, Garden, Cooking, Harry Potter, Meditation, Archery, and more! We also beat the heat with our first waterfront period, which we spent in the nice, cool river. We’re also settling into chores. Every morning and every evening, each yurt participates in a chore. Chores can be anything from, barn, garden, chicken chores, setting up the dining hall, or even running our daily flag raising. In the barn, campers will ‘muck’ stalls, feed the animals and milk the goats. During chicken chores, the campers will collect eggs. First session, we collected […]

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Welcome to Session 4, Farm Camp Families! We’re so excited to start Session 4. To celebrate, we had an opening campfire! At the campfire, we enjoyed many camper performances, including: poetry, songs, skits, dances and even some stand-up comedy! At the campfire, we also introduced the Core Value beads. Frost Valley has 8 Core Values (Respect, Responsibility, Community, Caring, Diversity, Honesty, Inclusiveness and Stewardship) each of these Values are assigned a colored bead. At the beginning of the session, each camper is given a chain to fill with these beads. Throughout our time together, campers and counselors will reward each other with these beads for exemplifying the Core Values!  Be sure to […]

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Closing Campfire is always bittersweet, it’s a great way to celebrate the incredible session we’ve had, but it’s sad that it’s over. We heard some beautiful singing, wonderful original songs, some jokes, stories, and even a choreographed dance from our dance specialty! (pictured above) We’ve a had a great few days. Tuesday night we played a new game called, “Storm the Castle” which involved building ‘castles’ out of card board and milk crates, and throwing water balloons at each other to see which castles would hold up best. Last night, campers did “Paper Bag Skits,” where campers were asked to make up skits based on random props that they find. […]

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Yesterday was a very exciting day at the farm. Not only did we get ice cream sundaes at brunch, but we spent the entire day cooking as a community! Each yurt created a dish, showcasing farm camp ingredients, which we all ate together for dinner that night! This harvest day, we ate gnocchi with meat or pesto sauce, salad with dressing(s), zucchini fritters, sour dough bread, lime and cucumber soup, berry juice, and finally, berry tarts with homemade crusts for desert! It was an awesome, and delicious, day. Today, campers signed up for new specialties, which, as always, includes spending time in our barn and garden. Tonight, our neighbors at […]

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Today is County Fair day at the Farm! This afternoon, campers will participate in activities like corn hull, potato sack races and lawn games. For today only, the counselors will even let the campers pie them in the face, or pour water on them in our ‘Dunk’ tank! Campers will also have the opportunity to go to the barn and practice showing the animals by leading them around the pasture with a head collar. We may have some blue ribbon winners in this crowd! Finally, no County Fair is complete without delicious snacks, so there will be popcorn and other sweet treats. The past two days at the Farm have been […]

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Farm Camp is not only a recreational experience, but it’s a working one too! We are so lucky to live and play on a functioning farm, but all this fun comes with responsibility. It’s up to us to maintain the farm, including livestock care, garden maintenance and camp cleanliness! So, we do daily chores in the morning and the evening. Everyday, campers do chores in the garden, barn, art barn, dining hall, chicken coop and more! Barn chores include mucking stalls, feeding the animals and milking the goats! I know that today in garden chores, our campers were picking copious amounts of berries. The chores  are on a daily rotation, so […]

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The first two days of camp are always so exciting because we get to sign up for all of our specialty activities! This week, campers signed up for two specialties, this week we are offering: Garden, Barn, Cooking, Painting/Murals, Archery and more! The Murals specialty will be repainting the inside of our Art Barn this week, and I can’t wait to see what it looks like. Right now, we have an abundance of of Raspberries at the farm, so many of our snacks the past few days have been full of them! Yesterday, we had raspberry and blueberry smoothies and tomorrow we will have raspberry popsicles! All farm fresh! In […]

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