The Hird was in an H2O kind of mood today. With the the last warm weather of the summer sticking around Lenape, Tacoma, and Pac all used the Slip N’ Slide today. This is definitely a camper favorite, especially if you do it right before Waterfront like Pac did. Tonight saw Tacoma, Lenape, and our MAC villages do a Lip Sync for their evening program. The campers from those villages were divided into teams, they chose songs as a team, and choreographed a dance to that song. In a lot of cases, it was super funny with skits thrown into the performances. Below is a photo from the program.

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The Hird villages took advantage of some dry and cool weather in the Valley today. It was a pleasure to be outside. Tacoma and Lenape spent time with MAC Boys and Girls this morning by playing some games and making some Banana Boats. Banana Boats are bananas stuffed with chocolate chips and marshmallows and roasted over an open fire. Everyone was excited for new friends and delicious treats! Tonight saw the final overnights of the summer go out. Sacky and Hemlock took their turns out in the woods, cooking over a fire and sleeping outdoors. We are looking forward to hearing all the great stories that come from this incredible […]

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Today saw our first overnights go out for the session! Every camper in the Hird does a 1 or 2 night overnight during the session. They cook dinner over a fire, sleep out under the stars, and build a connection with nature that lasts a lifetime. Pac and Windsong left for their traditional 2 night overnight into our East Valley. Windsong will sleep at Merrill Pavilion, a beautiful location that oversees the Catskills, and Pac will stay at Pine Grove, nestled right in the middle of a hemlock forest. Tomorrow night they will switch places. Tacoma and Lenape will go out for their overnights tomorrow night so stay tuned for […]

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Tonight was one of my personal favorites of the summer, the MAC Art Show! The MAC Art Show started as a show with art from MAC campers, but in recent years has expanded with other villages contributing as well. It is the Frost Valley equivalent of a fancy art gallery: cheese plates, fruit punch and lemonade, and lots of art made by campers! Below are some photos from the event.

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After a day of beautiful weather and activities, and a quick rain shower (Rainbow pictured below!), the Hird participated in one of the highlights of the summer, Tokyo Night. Every year, our Tokyo Camp (a Japanese-language camp in partnership with the Tokyo YMCA) hosts a culture sharing event. The campers and staff from the program facilitate a number of different activities including origami fishing (you fish around in a bucket until you get a plastic bag that contains instructions and materials for an origami project), calligraphy, and many others. The staff also perform a dance a few times throughout the night for all of the villages.

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The Hird spent a lot of time as a group together. This afternoon saw all the villages come together for a big block party at Windsong’s lodge. They had a bouncy house, tie dye, and a big water fight. Below are some photos, including a photo of some Windsong campers practicing a song on ukuleles that they have been working on all session. Tonight was the dance! All of our villages came to the Dining Hall for some energetic jumping around and dancing. The photo below is everyone taking part in the Cupid Shuffle.

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Today at camp saw a lot of the Hird villages team up and do activities together. Tacoma and Lenape joined together this morning to do some exfoliating facial scrubs and mediation. Campers kept telling each other to ‘treat yo self!’ which made me laugh. After lunch Tacoma and Sacky played some beat the clock charades together. Campers are divided into teams and have a time limit to get their teams to guess what topic they have been given by the counselors. It is a wild, fast-paced activity with lots of laughs at the funny guesses. The afternoon also saw Pac join MAC Boys to make Banana Boats. Something that had […]

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We all had another great day in the Valley! Today saw Windsong and Pac head out on the first of our overnights. Every camper gets the opportunity to spend a night cooking over an open fire, playing games in the woods, and sleeping out under the stars. Windsong and Pac, as our oldest campers, do a two night overnight in our East Valley. Windsong will stay at Merrill Pavilion which has in incredible panoramic view of the Catskills. Pac will stay at the aptly named Pine Grove which is nestled in a thick pine forest. Tomorrow they will switch places. In other news from our villages, everyone had their first […]

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Welcome to the Hird blog. This is where myself (Morgan, the Hird Director) and Meredith (also a Hird Director) will share updates, stories, and sometimes photos. We’ll update it most nights after evening program has finished so this might be a good place to check first thing in the morning with your coffee. Session 3 has begun and we are so excited to have all of our campers here! Our villages (Sacky, Hemlock, Tacoma, Lenape, Windsong, and Pac) started with name games and team building activities to help our campers to get to know each other. This emphasis will continue tomorrow before we head into our normal routine on Tuesday. […]

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Today was the second day of our annual Olympix, an event that many Frost Vallers look forward to all year. After taking care of t shirts, banners, and learning cheers their first day, it was now time to get down to business! Our 8 teams (Brazil, Portugal, France, South Africa, Japan, Paraguay, Germany, and Mexico) took part in a range of activities today, including Marquez Kart (a game created by a staff member named Marquez. It’s an adaptation of Mario Kart involving teams racing around an obstacle course), Upside Down Volleyball, and a Dance Off described by one camper as “the biggest dance party I’ve ever been to”. Our campers […]

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