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Banana Mania!

Week one is underway and everyone is enjoying the sunshine. We have had really warm weather the last two days so to cool off we brought out the slip n’ slide for camper’s choice.

Also on today’s agenda…

The lord of the rings specialty did archery, fully costumed in makeshift capes and hats. Barn specialty built obstacle courses for the goats. Crazy games had a water balloon fight. Garden specialty sketched some plants. Cooking specialty made popsicles with fresh raspberries from our garden.

Tonight, our all-camp evening program is an event called BANANA OLYMPICS! You guessed it… the campers are divided into teams and each team is presented with a banana, which will be their athletic representative. The teams will spend a little bit of time decorating and suiting up their banana before the events commence. Events include but are not limited to banana dodge ball, banana javelin,and banana racing.

All the kids seem happy and healthy, we hope you are too!


Nicki Macy

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