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Barn Dancing In The Wild Wild East!

Today the East Valley has been REALLY lucky with the weather – it was forecast to be stormy but held off and was beautifully sunny for the majority of the day! This meant that we could have another busy fun filled day at the barn!

This morning we all slept in a little later than usual, and had a casual breakfast of cereal and bagels. After breakfast we wrangled in the horses and groomed before starting… BAREBACK RIDING!!! This is one of our favorite activities that we do here as it gives the girls a chance to really get a feel for their horses. Bareback riding not only helps to build confidence in our riders but it also helps to develop a balanced position and a better understanding of how a horse moves.

While some of the girls were taking their turn at bareback riding, the other girls were learning about how to join up with a horse in our round pen! We used one of our best horses – Jack to demonstrate how to join up. Join up basically means, asserting your dominance above a horse – the horse learns to fight against their natural instincts and trust you to protect them and become an accepted member of the herd.

The afternoon was spent bathing and washing all of our horses. Then each of the girls worked in teams to show groom and make their horses look as beautiful as possible before presenting their finished product to our staff members. There were prizes for the best effort and for best overall show groom. The prize was to win one of our lovely black and pink staff t-shirts from this year!

After a BBQ dinner, we are having a BARN DANCE – we will be teaching the girls some of our favorite cowgirl dances and dressing up in our best cowgirl outfits for the night.

Tomorrow, we will be back in our normal routine for the rest of the week.

WE LOVE EVR!!!!!!!




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