3 canoes on lake cole

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”

On our reflective Sunday afternoon, we spent the day thinking about positive change and how we can start to make a change.  After some thinking and talking with each other under the beautiful shade tree, we all created a beautiful piece of art using paint filled water balloons.  We got to throw balloons that were red, yellow, or blue, depending on the kind of change we wanted to see.  Red was if we had to change something within ourselves, yellow was change within people, and blue was change throughout the world.  We through these balloons at the board that Andy was holding (yes he got covered in paint) and all signed it, in our oath to think about what we can do to make an impact.  Later in the afternoon, we were able to share songs, words, and stories with each other about this concept of positive change. We have begun this movement at the Farm together by living through the core values and acknowledging each other for our positive actions.  We are going to continue this caring, respectful, and inclusively diverse community throughout the session and bring back these positive attitudes to our friends, families, and classmates back at home.

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Marissa Shadburn

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