As we start week three of our Build Strong @Home series we want to check-in to see how things are going. Two weeks ago we posted some tips on how to be a Camp Counselor @Home and we want to know how that is working for you.

Here are the first two tips we shared:

1. All of these activities are meant to be fun! Things might not go as planned but that is okay! Things rarely go as planned in a camp activity. Roll with your mistakes and remember to laugh about them.

2. Engage your camper as the leader – they are the “camp expert” and we want them to share camp with you. Be there as support and for safety, but not as the activity leader. Let your camper teach you. This will be hard for some of you, but at camp, campers are in charge of almost everything they do. 

What are you doing as a family group that is working really well in regards to our first two tips and where could you improve? Share your stories with us at

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