A favorite Frost Valley camp activity is a good ole fashioned scavenger hunt. This week we have themed this scavenger hunt Frost Valley Finds.

Collect these items together. Spend time talking about the memories that these items carry with them. Adults, if you are alumni, you should play too! Your camper will love to hear your stories.

Here is your list:

Frost Valley Apparel – extra points for how many items you have

Picture of you at Frost Valley

Picture of your family at Frost Valley 

A craft you made at Frost Valley – extra points if you have more than one

Share your Favorite Frost Valley memory with a family member

A letter you sent home from Frost Valley

A letter you received while at Frost Valley

Share your favorite Frost Valley meal with a Friend

Your camp shoes

Your camp Crazy Creek or camp chair

Your favorite Camp shirt

Your camp water bottle collection

Most random Frost Valley item you have in your home

Take pictures of your finds and share them with us at buildstronghome@frostvalley.org

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