As we enter our last week of Build Strong @Home virtual programs. We want to know how it went? Here is the list of Camp  Counselor tips that we shared at the beginning of this adventure. Spend some time reflecting on how you did and share your experience with us.

  1. All of these activities are meant to be fun! Things might not go as planned but that is okay! Things rarely go as planned in a camp activity. Roll with your mistakes and remember to laugh about them.

  2.  Engage your camper as the leader – they are the “camp expert” and we want them to share camp with you. Be there as support and for safety, but not as the activity leader. Let your camper teach you. This will be hard for some of you, but at camp, campers are in charge of almost everything they do.

  3.  Campers Choice. At camp, we give kids a lot of choices to define their camp experience. Let your kids decide what Build Strong @Home activities they want to participate in. We will have lots – blogs, challenges, videos, live activities, let your campers choose what they want to do.

  4.  Don’t be afraid to let loose. One of the best parts about being a camp counselor is getting to tap into your childlike self. Get your hands dirty. This will be the most fun when YOU as a trusted adult engage fully with your camper.
  5. Start small – we don’t have any expectations that your family unit needs or should do every activity every day. Build Strong @Home is set up to do on your schedule. Do as little or as much as you want, when you want.

  6. This is probably the MOST important tip we will give you. A lot of why camp is so successful is because of the conversations or debriefs of activities that we do. It is not so much the activities themselves, but the conversations that are had during and after the activity. We encourage conversation that is led by an adult but focused on the child. Meaning, you ask the questions and the child gets to respond.

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