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Busy, Busy Hird!

It’s been a busy week for the Hird. Last week, we had the heat. This week, we’ve had rain! Rain or shine… the Hird still has fun. Some highlights from the week:

Plateau village: participated in a heist theme day. Campers sent the day solving mysteries and working through challenges to find stolen bounty

Wittenberg: played s’mores ball… a sweet spin on a classic game of kickball. At each base, campers got to collect another ingredient and then toast s’mores at the end

Graham: participated in a ‘bad & bougie’ theme day. Campers enjoyed ‘breakfast in bed’ (food at their lodges) and they got to attend a ‘yacht’ party

Peekamoose: did an adventurous hike up Doubletop Mountain and got to see the remains of an old plane crash

Hunter: got to have a grill-out and dance party at their lodge. Campers enjoyed cooking burgers over a fire

Slide: had a water balloon fight! Campers got to cool off and get energy out

CiTs: both groups have returned back to camp after their six day hikes! Many mountains and campfire cookouts later, they are happy to be home at camp



We hope you all have had a lovely week as well!


Claire Greenwood

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