Camp Hird, Session Two!

Howdy everyone! Greetings from Camp Henry Hird, session two. It has been a packed few days here in the Catskills. Last time we saw you, it was raining cats and dogs. We are happy to report that we’ve since enjoyed sunshine, blue skies, and 70 degree days. Some highlights from the last few days:

Plateau: enjoyed tie-dye and zip lining 50 feet in the air across our ‘Y Tower’! You can imagine the views from up there

Wittenberg: spent time learning in the garden and practicing compost

Graham: hiked to the observatory, cooked pizza over a fire, and slept out under the stars

Peekamoose: hiked our Panhandle trail and got to experience a night in the woods, cooking around a fire, and bonding

Hunter: embarked on their two night overnight, and got to enjoy the stunning mountain views at FV’s “Pete’s Pavilion”

Slide: braved a rainy overnight, and then got to hike to FV’s very own waterfall in the woods

CiTs: the CiTs have been super busy experiencing different trainings before their in cabin experiences. Some of the trainings have included lessons on programming, general safety around camp, and managing homesick campers


We hope you all have had a wonderful few days as well.


Claire Greenwood

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