How do I register?

Is there bus transportation?

What does my child need to bring?

Who are the leaders?

Is lunch included?

How does Frost Valley prevent strangers?


How do I register?

You may register at our open house, online, by mail, or by phone. A $50 deposit per child per session will hold your spot.

Is there bus transportation?

Yes! Routes are listed below:

Bus times are as follows:

Bus 1: Liberty & Claryville
Liberty Elementary School: 8am/5pm
Claryville Church: 8:35am/4:45pm

Bus 2: Kiamesha/Fallsburg/Woodbourne
Kiamesha Lanes: 8am/5:25pm
Benjamin Cosor Elementary: 8:15am/5:10pm
Woodbourne Church: 8:5am/4:55pm

Bus 3: Ellenville/Neversink/Grahamsville
Ellenville Central School: 7:45am/5:30pm
Neversink Town Hall: 8:15am/5:00pm
Neversink Bus Garage: 8:30am/4:50pm

Bus 4: Margaretville/Fleishmanns/Big Indian
Margaretville School: 8:05am/5:15pm
Fleishmanns, Peabody Pet & Feed: 8:20am/5:00pm
Big Indian Park: 8:30am/4:50pm

Bus 5: Phoenicia
St. Frances Church: 8:10am/5:15pm

Transportation for a 1 Week Program: $62 per camper
Transportation for a 2 Week Program: $97 per camper

For more information please visit our Transportation page

What to send with your camper:

Please send your camper to camp with a backpack each day that contains their bathing suit, towel, full water bottle (please do not send fully frozen bottles) and sunscreen.  Please be sure to mark your camper’s name on all their belongings to help us return lost and found items to their rightful owner. All campers must wear close-toed shoes to camp.  Please do not send your camper to camp in flip flops of any kind. Campers in the Explorers program should bring an extra set of clothing.

There are a few items we suggest that make your camper’s day easier and more comfortable.

        Campers must wear shoes to and from the waterfront each day.  Water shoes and crocs are much easier and more comfortable to put on wet feet than socks and shoes.  Please feel free to pack a pair in their backpack just for that time.

        Many sunscreen companies make a glue stick shaped sunscreen that is ideal to use on young campers faces and helps to keep sunblock out of eyes.

        It is always a little cooler at the day camp tent as a nice breeze comes off the lake.  A light jacket or sweatshirt is suggested for the mornings.


Please apply sunscreen to your camper each morning and send their sunscreen to camp with them every day.  We will have/help them reapply sunscreen again during the day. 

Who are the leaders?

Frost Valley YMCA takes great pride in selecting quality staff for all of its programs. Our staff members are highly trained and motivated and are chosen for their experience and ability to work with children. International staff will join our program, as well, sharing their games, songs, and stories with our campers.

Is lunch included?

Each afternoon, Day Campers will join Frost Valley resident campers in the dining hall for lunch provided by our kitchen. The menu includes child-friendly options such as pizza, chicken nuggets, and tacos. Each day, campers will have access to fresh fruit, a salad bar, a cereal bar, and soup. If your camper has food allergies or special dietary needs, please let us know so we can make the proper arrangements. On certain days, such as all-day hikes, a bag lunch will be provided for campers.

How does Frost Valley prevent strangers from entering camp?

Staff is very sensitive about identifying authorized versus non-authorized individuals on campus. Staff is in constant contact with one another and with the administration via hand-held radios. Frost Valley YMCA runs a “closed campus” during summer session, therefore, strangers are easily identifiable.

Other events such as conferences, retreats, Road Scholar, and adventure events can coincide with summer and day camp events. If this should occur, procedures are in place to safeguard our campers. All other guests are required to wear name tags and color-coded wristbands identifying the program in which they are enrolled. Additionally, their vehicles are registered with Frost Valley’s conferencing center. This ensures an increased awareness on campus. Trespassers are immediately identified, approached, and asked to vacate the premises. Guided tours of the facility are available via appointment only.