Arriving by Car:

Campers that are being driven to and picked up for camp should arrive at Frost Valley between 8:50 am and 9:00 am.  Please use the new parking lot located off Frost Valley Road near Lake Cole.  Both the lake and a very large white tent are visible from this lot.  All campers will need to be escorted to and from the tent as well as signed in and out each day.  A picture ID will be required to pick up your camper and campers will not be released to anyone under the age of 18.  Pick-up time for all campers is between 4:00 pm and 4:15 pm.

Pick up:

Your camper(s) will not be released to anyone who is not listed as an authorized pick-up person. Should you need to authorize any additional adults, please contact us directly. A picture ID will be required to pick up your camper and campers will not be released to anyone under the age of 18. If you should miss the bus at your previously designated stop, please proceed to the next stop. If the last stop is missed for the Liberty, Kiamesha and Ellenville bound buses, please proceed to the Neversink Bus Garage to pick up your camper. If the last stop is missed for the Margaretville and Phoenicia bound buses, please proceed to the Frost Valley YMCA Welcome Center to pick up your camper. Frost Valley Day Camp Counselors will always remain with your camper until you arrive.

Riding the Bus:

DROP-OFF: If your camper(s) is riding the bus to camp, please have them at your bus stop 5-10 minutes early.  If you miss your stop, kindly proceed to the next pick-up point.  Please note that we can only wait at each stop for 5 minutes.

Bus Rates:

One Week Sessions: $75.00
Two Week Sessions: $110.00

Bus Routes/Schedule for Sessions 1-4b:

Bus #1: Kiamesha, Liberty, Claryville
7:40 am Kiamesha Lanes
8:00 am Liberty Elementary School
8:20 am Neversink Bus Garage 
8:40 am Claryville Church
4:30 pm Claryville Church
4:40 pm Neversink Bus Garage
5:00 pm Liberty Elementary School
5:20 pm Kiamesha Lanes

Bus #2: Grahamsville, Ellenville, Woodbourne
7:45 am Ellenville Elementary
8:05 am Woodbourne Church
8:25 am Neversink Town Hall
4:50 pm Neversink Town Hall
5:10 pm Woodbourne Church
5:30 pm Ellenville Elementary

Bus #3: Margaretville, Big Indian, Fleischmann’s
8:05 am Margaretville Elementary
8:20 am Fleischmann’s, Peabody Pet & Feed
8:30 am Big Indian Park
5:00 pm Fleischmann’s, Peabody Pet & Feed
5:15 pm Margaretville Elementary
4:50 pm Big Indian Park

Bus #4: Phoenicia
8:05 am St. Frances Church, Phoenicia
5:00 pm St. Frances Church, Phoenicia


Bus Routes/Schedule for Session 5: 

Bus 1:

Monticello Gov’t Center (Back Parking Lot): 7:45am Pick Up/:5:15pm Drop Off
Liberty Elementary School: 8:00am Pick Up/5:00pm Drop Off
Neversink Bus Garage: 8:20am Pick Up/4:45pm Drop Off
Neversink Town Hall: 8:35am Pick Up/4:30pm Drop Off
Claryville Church: 8:50am Pick Up/4:15pm Drop Off
Bus 2: 
Margaretville Elementary School: 7:50am Pick Up/5:10pm Drop
Big Indian Park: 8:10am Pick Up/4:50pm Drop Off