A Values-Based Camp for Teens in the Catskills

(for children entering grades 8-10)


NOTE: Unless mandated by the Department of Health, Frost Valley WILL NOT be requiring campers to be vaccinated for COVID-19 for Summer 2023, but we are STRONGLY RECOMMENDING parents get their children vaccinated. We will be working with the New York State Department of Health, CDC, and American Camp Association to stay updated on guidelines.


At Camp Henry Hird, teens come together for two weeks at a time to enjoy a wide range of camp offerings,  including extended overnights on the trail, sleeping under the stars, adventure courses, big brother/big sister events, and more. Teens are given more freedom, responsibility, and trust, and they rise to the occasion. On a daily basis, we witness the transformation from camper to young leader, as teens exceed their own expectations. Camp Henry Hird is fun, exciting, and challenging—but it’s more than that. It’s a profound experience, a way-stop between childhood and adulthood where teens become confident, socially-responsible, actively-engaged leaders—and friends for life. Campers are placed in villages according to age and gender.


Hird Villages:

Hunter Mountain Village – Girls Grade 10

Slide Mountain Village – Boys Grade 10

Graham Mountain Village  – Girls Grade 9

Peekamoose Mountain Village – Boys Grade 9

Plateau Mountain Village – Girls Grade 8

Wittenberg Mountain Village – Boys Grade 8;

Balsam Lake Mountain Village – MAC Girls

Panther Mountain Village – MAC Boys 



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