Welcome to “Build Strong @Home” Frost Valley’s Virtual Camp Program

We miss our campers and we want to bring a little piece of Frost Valley into your homes. Join us for “Build Strong @Home!”

In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19), we know that all of our campers and their families are doing their part to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and keep each other healthy by staying home as much as possible. All of us at Frost Valley YMCA recognize what a challenge this can be. Normally, we spend our days giving each other high fives in the Dining Hall, paddling canoes together on Lake Cole, sharing bows at the archery range, and holding hands during sing-a-longs. But right now, we can’t do some of our favorite things, and it is not easy!

We are hoping that we can bring a little piece of Frost Valley to you through several different digital options. Beginning July 6th, you can expect the following:

  • Interactive Blog Posts – we’ll be sharing activities that you can do away from the screen with your family, so you can bring a piece of camp into your home and show your familywhat the magic of camp is all about!
  • Pre-Recorded Video Content – There is a Build Strong @Home playlist on our YouTube channel, where you can find enjoy camp content whenever you’d like! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you never miss a video!
  • Live Hangouts – This is a special offering for our previously registered campers to allow everyone to have time to connect with their camp friends and feel that camp spirit! Register Here

Online Conduct and Policies: 

  1. We are not able to run programming for just one child. So programs could be cancelled due to low attendance.
  2. Any persons who are not adhering to our core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility will not be permitted in our camp spaces. This includes conduct in past virtual programs.
  3. Our activities are appropriate for each age group as specified or otherwise, appropriate for all age groups.
  4. We cannot allow anyone into a program without their first and last name listed as their username. 

Interested in a Camping-Style Getaway this Summer? We’re offering Lodging Reservations for families!

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Learn more about how we’re addressing COVID-19 and any program cancellations you need to be aware of here: COVID-19 FAQs