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Camper Choice!

Hi everyone its Carlie. I haven’t put a post up in a while and wanted to let everyone know how awesome third session has been. I have really enjoyed being in the barn with Jo and we were really excited about this session because we made up new lesson plans for the animal care classes including a new horse and pig lesson and a cheese tasting class! Today is our livestock auction and all the kids are really looking forward to it. Jo and I enjoy setting the auction up and watching the kids learn about the value of money.

There have been other fun times at camp so far and one of my favorites being during our camper choice hour where we had a big water fight.  It was a really hot day and it all started with the oldest boys yurt getting in a water fight with their counselor Amadu. I quickly saw that they needed help so I snuck up behind him and drenched him with a bucket of water and then it was an all out brawl. All the kids started to join in and everyone was having such a good time that we decided to just continue and have the water fight as camper choice. All the kids where enjoying themselves along with the counselors that joined in. The highlight for the kids was when we tricked Penny (our Australian counselor) into going to the boating shed to get something and threw a bucket of water on her. The kids all helped out because they hid and acted like we were done with the water fight. I have really been enjoying camp and I’m very sad that this is our last full day of camp. 




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