Day to Day Schedule



Sunday is check-in day! After everyone arrives, we will head to our basecamp site to get settled in our yurts, go over group expectations, learn about our surroundings, and start getting to know each other. We will go over the safe use of knives, fire safety, and will use these skills to make our first dinner over the fire. After dinner we will learn how to properly clean up and dispose of waste in the backcountry, using the Leave No Trace seven principles¬©. We’ll get ready for bed and have our first night at basecamp in our Yurts!


Wake up and make breakfast as we get ready for our river crossing day! After eating and cleaning up, we’ll pack our bags for a night out under the stars. We will hike to the river bank and use a confidence line to get down to the river’s edge, once there we will learn how to cross the river safely. When everyone is across, we will learn how to build shelters out of materials found in the woods. Campers can work individually or in groups to create their shelters for the night. Everyone will work together to make dinner over the campfire and head to sleep in their creations.


Survival Camp Mountain Day! We’ll pack up and head back across the river, and use the confidence line to hike back up the steep bank. We’ll get back to our basecamp site for lunch, grab our helmets and harnesses, and hike up the mountain. Each camper will get a chance to rappel over a cliff face and try out the Tyrollean Traverse (just like a zipline!). After learning about ropes and rappel safety, we’ll head back to basecamp for the evening.


Wednesday is our hiking day, we’ll pack up and set out early to hike up and over Wildcat Mountain to Main Camp. We will carry everything we need in our backpacks as we learn about navigation, taking bearings, map reading, and more. We’ll make camp near High Falls and settle in for the night.


Our big rappel day! From our campsite, we’ll hike over to High Falls where we will rappel over the High Falls waterfall, which is about 60 feet high! After accomplishing that feat we will head to main camp for lunch and showers before heading back to basecamp for our last night in the Yurts. We’ll debrief our week, talk about our amazing adventures, and get packed up to go home in the morning.


Check-out day. We will say goodbye to our friends and counselors and tell our families all about the incredible experiences we had at Survival Camp!