Meals at Farm Camp are an important part of the experience. Farm-fresh camp food is the best description of our meals, a combination of food raised on the farm as well as food from our food service provider, Chartwells. The beef that is served is pasture raised on the farm. Many of the vegetables and herbs that are served are grown in our garden.  The food is nutritious, and the menu is planned with the campers’ active schedules in mind.

Campers sit with the kids from their yurt during breakfast, and are encouraged to mix it up with other campers and counselors for lunch and dinner. Meals are served family-style and there are always options available at the salad bar.  Throughout the day, we have fruit available and a snack at mid-afternoon keeps them going.

Farm Camp makes sure to meet the dietary needs of all campers. We encourage parents upon drop-off to speak directly with our camp chef to communicate specific dietary needs.

Campers will have opportunities to learn about nutrition, cooking produce fresh from the garden; and they will sometimes participate in cook-offs for the whole camp.  Food and farming goes hand-in-hand at Farm Camp.

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