Day to Day Schedule



  • Check-in at EVR
  • Arena lesson
  • mounting/ dismounting, general riding
  • Leading/ tying/ tacking
  • Pack out to hayfields
  • Dinner



  • Trainings: Leave No Trace Seven Principles©, backwoods camping, get to know your horse, horse health on the trail
  • Breakfast and lunch at the hayfields
  • Pack out – ride High Ridge to EVR, and then to Farm
  • Water horses at Eck field and ride to Ladelton
  • Set up camp and dinner at Ladelton



  • Breakfast at Ladleton
  • Ride around the horn – through the intersection to Ladleton house orchard, then to V-plow
  • Water horses at V-plow
  • Ride up to Ladleton camp and eat lunch (activity)
  • Pack up and ride down to Farm via old Ladleton trail – leave horses in Eck field
  • Shower at Farm
  • Set up cable bridge camp and dinner
  • Evening activity at the Farm (drill team EVR)



  • Breakfast at cable bridge (or Farm)
  • Pack up and ride over Wildcat Mtn
  • Water horses and leave at Daycare field
  • Lunch at Daycare then bus to Main Camp to spend the afternoon (activity)
  • Ride over Model Forest
  • Dinner behind Horse Barn
  • Showers at Trip Center Bathhouse
  • Camp at Main Camp Barn



  • Breakfast and pack up
  • Ride back over Wildcat Mtn via Neversink – Water horses at Eck field
  • Eat lunch at Farm
  • Barn tour
  • Ride from Farm to EVR and unpack some gear
  • Ride to hayfields and have a closing banquet



  • Sunrise ride to EVR
  • Showers
  • Check out