3 canoes on lake cole


So, today was the beginning of a new EVR tradition – CARNIVAL DAY!

We all had a long, long sleep after a busy week to give the horses some time to relax as well as giving all the kids some time to chill out before today’s exciting day!

For some of the girls today was their first chance to experience riding a horse bareback – this means riding with no saddle or pad. It is an amazing experience and gives the girls a chance to really get a feel for their horse and how they move. For the more advanced riders this allowed them to develop and progress with their riding skills whilst having a fun time too.

We split the girls in to four groups of six and while one group was riding the other three groups were making their way around the many stations we had set up for our carnival day. There was a face painting station, a horse painting station, and an arts and crafts station where the girls made posters and signs to go up all over camp (see smugmug.com for pictures!).

Throughout the day the campers had the chance to earn tickets (by being courteous, kind and helpful or by winning one of our many competitions) which can be used at tonight’s CARNIVAL!

Tonight we have a number of booths set up – including soak the counselor, bobbing for apples, guess the jar, hoola hoops,  fortune tellers and much more!






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