Yesterday I led a game of Geronimo and, as usual, our super-volunteer “camp mom” Sandra Shapiro Bohn took photographs of the proceedings. Later she sent me some of the pix and I saw that one of them included David Sacker’s daughter Catherine and Steve Spiwak’s daughter Olivia. Both are in Windsong this summer. I sent a copy of the photo to David, and another to Steve, and then we noticed the convergence: another sign that there are lots and lots of campers here whose parents were once Frost Valley counselors. And in this case there’s more: Steve Spiwak was David Sacker’s counselors back in the day! (And the late and […]

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A few days ago I highlighted a village—Susky—in which there were a number of campers whose parents had been counselors back in the day (the 1990s, to be more specific). Well, here are two other photos featuring campers whose parents were counselors. One is Sunny whose mom is Keara Giannotti (and whose aunt Dani and late uncle Oran and grandfather John) also served as members of the FV staff in earlier years. Then there’s Sacky cabin 15. Four alumni kids there: Mary Hahn (daughter of Eileen Barnes Hahn), Anya Rubin (daughter of Melissa Rubin), Julia McNeill (daughter of Katy McNeill), and Emma Greenberg (whose uncle is Alex Shalom).

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