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Check In Day, Evals, and Horse Assignments!

Hello Friends and Family of our Session 1 Campers!

After a very fun packed first few days, we finally have the blog up and running, and have started to upload photos to Smugmug. Once everyone was checked in, we had our opening campfire, where all of the girls performed a skit in their yurt groups, and then had a talent show. We had many performances, including singing and ukulele playing. The night ended with s’mores roasting over the fire!

Monday was our Eval Day! This is when the girls have their first lesson on a horse, and then our barn manager assigns one of our many horses to each camper. As it is so hot out, we have been making sure we are all drinking at least 3 of our new green and yellow nalgenes every day, and also making sure our horses stay hydrated, by watering them as much as we can! After our horse back riding, we played water games to cool us all down, and also took a hay ride down to our waterfront to swim in the creek.

Today was the day we were all assigned our horses and riding groups. During our first lesson, we went over the basics of walking, stopping and steering our horses. We also had a ground lesson, where we were taught about different horses around the world, and then went through our barn to guess where our Frost Valley horses may have originated from! We have also gone creeking today to cool down and catch some newts and salamanders.

Tonight we have a really fun evening game called Boppers. You will see pictures of counsellors dressed as fairies, trying to help campers who have been ‘bopped’ by a bopper, as they try to complete different challenges. The first group to complete all the challenges, wins!

This is Sage. She is new this year. She is a flea bitten grey who travelled all the way from Vermont to join us. We chose her because of her tremendous skills as a lesson horse. Her patience and determination shine!  Keep looking out for pictures and updated blogs!


Laura Stirling

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