CiTs: We Swinging

CiT’s are really thriving in session currently here are some updates:

Those in Josh/Nell and Nick/Seth’s group are on the last full day of in cabin. Some major highlights include CiTs handling homesickness amongst the younger campers and creating a new activity when the rain had a village relocate indoors for a moment. As they finish up the in-cabin process, the Coordinators will start preparing them for the 6-day hike that happens next session.

Andie/Claire: Did a great job being role models during a game of Wells Fargo yesterday (it’s tag and capture the flag all-in-one). Some highlights into one of their CiTs being chased by a four Susky/Forest/Mini Mac campers around Reflection Pond. Lastly, they helped out with setting up two inclusion events: Mac Art Show and Tokyo Night.

Frankie/Josh: Started off their day by doing the Giant Swing, which everyone in some form participated and supported each other through the activity. During the afternoon, they all took their swim test and passed. It’s important for them to take the swim test even as CiTs because campers are always looking for a swimming buddy during Waterfront! Later for their community service, they help fix three firepits around camp.

Overall the CiTs have been a great pleasure and helping hand here. They have accepted this new challenge of transition from camper to staff in an overall mature way.


Elodie Offord

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