CiTs: Working Hard

Over the past few days, the other two CiTs groups have gone out to explore the Catskill Mountains. Starting their trail at Giant’s Ledge and slowly making their way back to camp. Currently, the highlight for the CiTs is the great trail food they get to cook. They have found a new appreciated for dried refried beans!

The other groups that have remained on camp are preparing for their in cabin. This past week similarly to what the other groups have been up to, the have been doing some staff training. Today we did a diversity/inclusion training. As we know they are both one of the core values here at Frost Valley and not only as counselors is it important to understand these concepts but in life in general. It was a great open discussion about ways we can be more inclusive of people and how different perspectives influence our everyday interactions with each other.

Overall, as the summer comes to a close, I am really proud of each CiTs impact they are having on campers!


Elodie Offord

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