Summer Camps for Children with Hearing Loss

Frost Valley YMCA has had a partnership with Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech since 2017. This exciting collaboration will allow Frost Valley to better serve campers with hearing loss who communicate orally. This partnership ensures that every child will have the support necessary so that they are able to enjoy a traditional camp experience alongside their peers.

 Interested campers can select from any of Frost Valley’s on-site camp programs. Frost Valley staff will be trained in advance to work with children who are deaf or hard of hearing, and a teacher of the deaf from Clarke will be present on site.

For 150 years, Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech has taught children who are deaf or hard of hearing to listen and talk. Clarke serves children from birth to age 18, who use hearing technology (including cochlear implants or hearing aids), to maximize their access to sound, and receive individualized support from Clarke’s teachers and therapists. Among a wide range of programs, Clarke offers Early Intervention (birth to three) services, preschool classes, a K-8 program and a team of itinerant teachers of the deaf who serve students in mainstream school settings. The majority of children who receive Early Intervention services at Clarke and attend our Preschool Program transition to local public, private or charter schools for kindergarten where they learn and thrive alongside their peers with typical hearing.

To begin the registration process or contact us with questions, please fill out the Clarke Partnership Form.

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