NEYCC 2022 – A New Approach for the Conference

January 26-28, 2022

We are so excited to announce that our conference committee has begun work to rebuild our in-person conference for 2022. While we are excited to reignite the conference to connect, we know that the Y camp industry has drastically changed in the last 2 years, and rebuilding this conference to pre-pandemic levels will take time.

 With that in mind, our committee has decided to host a much smaller, in-person conference in 2022 that is targeted towards senior-level, full-time, administrative staff (ex: program/camp directors, executive directors, CEOs).

The conference format will mainly be based on round-tables & open discussions, with break-out sessions covering a variety of key themes affecting camps as we move forward through the pandemic. Topics covered may include staffing and pay equity, fundraising, strategic planning/budgeting, and diversity/inclusion. We will have a limited number of keynote speakers but will plan to spend the majority of our time engaging in smaller group discussions with lots of participation from fellow camp leaders.

We will publish exact schedule details as the committee confirms them, but we want to acknowledge that while the conference will not follow our typical session schedule this year, we hope to work to build back to that in 2023.

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If we had to say one thing The Northeast YMCA Camp Conference is known for, it would be its true camp feel.

Held at an actual summer camp (right here at Frost Valley YMCA!), the diversity of attendants ranges from camp counselors (college students in the off season) to Executive Directors & CEOs.  Presenters are the best experts in the Y Camping field, camp professionals.  The committee putting on the Northeast YMCA Camp Conference is committed to this event always being full of networking opportunities with an intimate feel at an exceptionally affordable rate, with scholarships available to ensure that all camp pros have an opportunity to attend.

The NEYCC’s conference goals are simple yet meaningful:

  • Connections – every participant walking away with at least one new colleague
  • Maintaining the conference’s small & intimate feel
  • Participants leaving with actionable knowledge – resources and tools they can put into place instantly

In March 2010, it was decided that the Conference will annually occur at Frost Valley YMCA during the last week in January.  Other events, such as Affinity Summits and meeting at the Tri-State Camp Conference, would occur throughout the year.

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