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Day Camp Values

Y-ties:  I am sure by now you have seen your kids coming home with colorful ribbon tied on their backpacks.  These ribbon are called Y-ties.  Each color ribbon represents a different value here at Frost Valley that we try to instill into our campers and every activity we do here at camp.  Every day we focus on one value and have the campers and staff make a pledge to represent that value throughout the day.  Their pledge ribbons get tied to the fence and then if they have followed through on their pledge they get a ribbon to take home at the end of the day.

I loved seeing our Day Campers make and tie their pledge ribbons to the fence.  So proud to be a part of a camp that is built upon strong values.

Today’s value of the day is caring.  While walking around camp today I saw so many kids following through on their pledges.  For instance, I saw campers trying to encourage every member of their group to attempt the Flying Squirrel ropes element. DSC_0014DSC_0023



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