Before I start the blog, I just wanted to quickly introduce myself, if you don’t already know, I am Kayleigh Gorman, Equestrian Program Coordinator (Which is basically a fancy name for the person that oversee’s Mustang Village and also the Equestrian day camp programs). This is my 12th summer at Frost Valley and I have also just graduated from the University of kent, England, with a degree in Film Studies and Production. My passion however, is working with kids so this is basically my perfect role!

This morning the campers all got off of their buses and out of their cars, full of excitement! They headed to the barn for their morning of horse related activities. Giddy Up played an epic game of capture the flag, while HoofBeats had their eval rides (this is how we match them up with their perfect horse, depending on their personality and riding style). Then they swapped and HoofBeats did some painting and Giddy Up did their evaluation rides. This afternoon they are at WaterFront, leaning how it all works and beginning their swim checks so that they can see which section they can swim in! They are all looking forward to finding out their horse assignments tomorrow!

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