The kids have really been enjoying the sunshine this week! It has meant a lot of water games and activities in the shade, such as flying squirrel and bucket drop. Flying squirrel is a ropes element that involves the kids being harnessed and pulled up in the air between the trees, they all really enjoyed it and it was nice to be sheltered in the trees. Bucket drop is a game that involves taking it in turns to drip water on each other to cool down!

At the barn, the kids riding is really coming along nicely, they are all improving on a daily basis and are really enjoying not only their mounted lessons but their ground lessons too which allow them to learn all the different aspects of being around horses, including anatomy, nutrition and careers.

Western Adventures:

Now it is over half way through their summer the kids are starting to think about planning their drill team performances which they are all super excited about! They get to be in control of most aspects of the performances, making it their own so they are very proud of it when it comes to performance day. They have also really been getting into their more advanced ground lessons such as making a business plan for their own barn.

Their riding is still improving daily and it is awesome to watch them all enjoy their lessons and strive to do better! Soon they will begin practicing their drill team in their lessons which is a favorite with most of the campers.

They have all enjoyed having some extra responsibility around the barn and have been doing an epic job with the younger kids as well as the horses!

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