3 canoes on lake cole

Day Three at East Valley Ranch!

Day three of EVR began with flag raising where we sang our newly adopted EVR anthem – ‘ride, ride, ride that pony’ – it definitely starts the day off with a bang and makes sure we are all very much awake and ready to start the day! After a delicious breakfast of french toast, we headed out to the arts and crafts building and the girls designed and created their ideal barns/ranches. Then, we headed down to the barn, brought in all the ponies and learned about parts of the horse, horse painting, and show grooming.

After lunch, the girls had rest hour and then headed down to the barn to spend all afternoon riding. Each girl has been assigned to their very own horse for the session, specially paired up to make sure that the rider is given the perfect horse for their ability whilst also challenging them and allowing them to grow as the week progresses. The girls LOVED the afternoon and spent most of dinner discussing how amazing their pony is. After dinner, our evening program was movie night! All the girls snuggled up in their blankets and watched a movie about western riding, rodeos and horse dancing.

We managed to avoid the rain for most of the day, however, there was a heavy amount of rain last night which has unfortunately washed out our longest trail. :(. However, no amount of rain will stop us from making the most of this week, so today the girls are going to have an extra hour in the arena to learn about bareback riding!

Keep your fingers crossed for some sun!!

WE LOVE EVR!!!!!!!



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