3 canoes on lake cole

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”

Today was the best last-full day ever!  We had an amazing time enjoying each other’s company and wrapping up the session with awesome programs and activities.  During garden specialty, we had an Iron Chef cooking competition with ingredients we harvested from the garden. Nickita’s beets won it for her team!   We had an animal auction in the barn during camper’s choice, and got to “Buy” and “Sell” our animals to each other, just like they would at a real auction! Gina also taught us how to make Chinese paper crafts in the art barn.  We celebrated Yurt 4’s cleanest cabin award, and the oldest boys in Yurt 7 enjoyed the Giant Swing over on Main Camp as a team building activity! We ended the session with an all-camp campfire, with songs, skits, and sharing memories with each other. We finished with a slide show, and lots of tears because we were so sad to leave each other!  We call them “Power Tears”, because our hearts have so much powerful energy and love for each other that we can hold them in!  Session One was the best start to the summer we could have had, and we are going to miss each and every one of you campers so so much!  Enjoy the rest of summer, and come back next year! Keep dreaming, farming, and camping! Lots of Love, Farm Staff 2013


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Marissa Shadburn

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