3 canoes on lake cole

Durango on the lake

Durango boys are loving Frost Valley! They’ve been up to so many activities already! Yesterday the boys started their day with waterfront and they love boating. We have row boats, canoes, fun yaks and even paddle boards! The weather wasn’t perfect yesterday but the boys still went out into the water and had the best time. They then had a very calm morning making candles. Let’s hope they survive the journey so they can light them with you! Yesterday they also met the horse they will be riding for the rest of the session! This was great to see the boys get so excited about who their horse was! They were all very happy and really enjoyed their first lesson! They then spent their evening having a GaGa tournament! GaGa is kind of like dodge ball but it’s in a pit! We have many around camp and they are great areas for the boys to play. This game definitely tired out the boys as they fell asleep so fast!

Today the weather was so nice that all of Durango spent the waterfront period out on the boats. I don’t blame them it looked beautiful out on the water! They then got to have a try at archery! We have a newly built archery range and the boys took to it like a duck to water! Some even hit a bulls eye! After our pizza lunch and a very peaceful rest hour it was time to head back to the barn for another lesson! Today some of the boys learnt how to do stop’s, circle’s, reverse’s and was even playing games on the back of their horses! They were really happy! This evening’s activity was a little different and it’s something we do every session. They played USB! This is Ultimate Sicko Ball! This is a game of colored teams working against each other to retrieve balls and take them back to their own base. This is amazing to see as the whole of Wawayana took over Hirdstock field and the colors looked incredible. Everyone was so involved but I know the boys will be asleep as soon as their heads hit those pillows!


Chantelle Brooks

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