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Durango sees a solar eclipse!

Durango had a very busy weekend! Saturday started off making tie die shirts, pillow cases, bandanas, whatever they could find that was white. They will now all be lovely and multi colored! They then played some water games with their sister village Mustang! It was great to see them mingling and getting on really well with everyone! After lunch it was time for something new at the barn. Durango rode bareback! This means they only had their reigns and had to work really hard to keep themselves balanced. They loved how they could feel every muscle moving underneath them. They even got a chance to try show grooming. They loved it! They brushed the horses and made them super shiny. Even had a go at braiding their manes and tails! Our evening ended with a huge dance with the whole of Wawayanda out on the hard courts. These boys have got moves! On the way back to the cabin a storm rolled in and the rain came down so heavy so the boys dried off and spent some time in their sleeping bags listening to stories before they went to bed! A little rain can’t dampen these boys spirits!
Sundays are our theme days and this session it was Hirdstock! Hirdstock is Frost Valleys version of the Woodstock festival. They spent their morning eating ice cream and waffles. Followed by a double rest hour before heading to Hird field. On the field, each village made a stall. Mustang and Durango had a lassoing stall and they were very proud to see their village names! They had the freedom to head off and try everything at each stall before all coming together for the performances. We had singers, drummers, dancers and everything in between! They even watched one of the horse barn counselors sing!
Today was back to normal with water front first thing and then the boys got to have a go at climbing the Y tower! Some of them managed to climb all the way to the top! During their ride time today the boys actually got off of their horse to watch the solar eclipse! Frost Valley purchased thousands of glasses so everyone could safely watch and the boys were amazed! They watch the crescent move across the sun before getting back up onto their horses to finish their lesson. Crazy to think this may be the only ever solar eclipse they see!


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