Megan Cheney

East Valley Ranch Director

From all the way across the pond, Megan grew up in Nort
hamptonshire, England and graduated from Cardiff University in 2016 with a BSc in Psychology with Professional Placement.  Megan started her journey at Frost Valley back in 2013 as a counselor and riding instructor at East Valley Ranch. Over the past five summers, Megan has worked as the Village Chief of the four-week program, EVR Barn Manager and Assistant Director of EVR, East Valley Ranch Coordinator, and now Director of East Valley Ranch. Megan oversees the summer programs at East Valley Ranch as well as welcoming the many guests at East Valley Ranch throughout the rest of the year. Megan has been riding English from the age of 4 and has enjoyed learning how to ride western since arriving at Frost Valley. In her free time, she enjoys experiencing American culture, trying new things, and visiting new places!


Hanna Abu-Taqa

Equestrian Program Instructor

Hanna was born and raised in Evansville, IN and graduated from the University of Southern Indiana with a BS in Environmental Science. She is interested in environmental sustainability, ecology and education. Hanna is a camp “lifer” and has been involved in YMCA camps since the age of 7. She learned how to ride western at her home camp in Indiana when she was young. Throughout the span of her camping employment, Hanna has been an Equestrian Counselor, the Assistant Director to an Equestrian Program, Equestrian Program Instructor at Frost Valley and the Program Director at Frost Valley YMCA’s Farm Camp. It’s safe to say that she has a love for animals of all kinds but a definite passion for horses! In her free time, Hanna loves spending time with her friends, reading, cooking, cuddling with her two kitties, riding, traveling, listening to podcasts and being in the outdoors.