Wrangle, Tack, and Ride. A camp for developing equestrians.

NOTE: Frost Valley WILL NOT be requiring campers to be vaccinated for COVID-19 for Summer 2023, but we are STRONGLY RECOMMENDING parents get their children vaccinated. See Covid-19 FAQs for 2023

East Valley Ranch

East Valley Ranch is a secluded and intimate girls-only retreat, providing the perfect opportunity for developing equestrians to focus solely on their horsemanship skills. As they become more confident in their abilities and comfortable within a community of riders, they develop lasting friendships and lifelong leadership skills.

2 Week Program

(Girls only, Grades 5 and up, minimum age 10)

Young equestrians—girls only—will learn not only how to ride, but also the responsibility that comes along with caring for horses. The girls are assigned a horse for one week and will switch mid-session. They spend half of their day at the barn, focusing on their riding technique and learning about grooming, tacking, veterinary care, and training techniques.

Another portion of each day is spent hiking, completing high and low ropes elements, boating, and making arts and crafts. Campers will enjoy swimming several times each week, an overnight camping experience, and an all-camp day focused on a theme.

During their second week, campers can choose a specialty program either trail riding, where they spend the week exploring on our 14-mile network of trails or in the arena, focusing on progressing through the fundamentals of riding and good horsemanship. Girls grow leaps and bounds during this program, gaining confidence, a sense of responsibility, and a growing respect and compassion for other beings.

Girls ages 8-10 should check out Mustang Village!


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4 Week Program

Experienced riders may also be interested in our Horse Trails program, which allows riders to travel through Catskill forests on horseback and camp out on the trail!


(Girls only, Grades 8-11, Ages 13-16)

For older girls, this month-long adventure provides new challenges and opportunities to further advance their riding technique and gain a deeper knowledge of horses. Girls spend half of their day with the horses, working on horse training techniques and learning about what it takes to own your own horse.

Throughout the month they will design and practice their own drill team show, which is performed for the Two-Week Campers, Farm Campers, and Mustang Village Campers. In addition to the drill team, the girls will prepare and head out on an overnight under the stars with their horses.

Four-week campers will also get the chance to take part in traditional camp activities such as swimming, high and low ropes elements, and archery. This program helps build strong, independent and experienced equestrians.


Visit our Camp Fees page to find out this year’s rates.



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