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End of session three for Mustang?

It’s been such a busy week for Mustang! On Tuesday we had lots of fun playing hula hoop games and then in the evening the girls had two evening activities! First up they got to watch a staff riding demonstration. It’s always great to see the look on the girl’s faces when they see their counselors riding. It’s like they’ve seen a real life unicorn! We like to do a staff demonstration to show the girls how horses can actually move and how they could eventually ride if they stuck to it! The girls watched us do a drill team. Where we ride around in pairs and do different moves around the arena. Kind of like a dance routine! They also saw a game of transitions which they also got to help with! The staff rode around the edge of the arena and someone gave them an instruction. This could be walk, trot, canter, circle, anything! The last person to do it was out! Mustang spotted the people that finished last and help announce that their Village Chief was the winner! After these demonstrations they went over to our hard courts for Tokyo Night! Frost Valley has a Tokyo partnership and it’s a great time for them to show us their culture and it’s amazing watching the kids get so involved and learn new things.
Wednesday, Gymkhana day! Gymkhana is games on and off of horse back! We had our day camp group, Hoof Beats and Mustang join together for the day for our Birthday themed Gymkhana day! They got to play games like pass the parcel, apple bobbing, also a game where they had to dress in funny items and huge gloves and try to undo a candy wrapper. The energy from the girls was amazing and they were so welcoming to Hoof Beats. When they were riding horses they were in pairs and had to do sack races, hunt the candle, where they had to ride their horse across the arena, dismount, find a candle in a bucket of shavings, get back on the horse and ride back to their partner! This kids loved being able to do something so different. Our day ended at our other valley EVR, East Valley Ranch! This is our all girls horse sleep away camp. We did our overnight! The girls got to experience EVR and see what its like if they are to go there when they age out of Mustang. The girls got on so well with everyone and are very excited at the prospect that they could eventually be staying here!

So Thursday is here! The girls are all packed up and enjoyed a nice time creeking down the river behind the barn. They are all ready to go! They are very excited to tell you all about the activities and experiences they have had and done all session. After dinner we will be heading to our closing camp fire. The summer is nearly over and the girls have made many friends. Let’s hope they can all come back again!


Chantelle Brooks

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