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EVR 2-week: Beginning of session 3!

Session 3 got off to a great start here at EVR yesterday. Once all the girls were checked in and got to know each other we did a tour of the ranch and decorated our yurts. After dinner we had our opening campfire where everyone had fun eating smores and singing campfire songs. Each yurt prepared a skit to perform in front of the whole camp and there were some very creative songs!

This morning the girls have been down at the barn getting to know the horses and the basics of how to groom, tack, lead and tie. They all enjoyed learning how to care for their horses and it is clear to see their excitement for the rest of the session growing! We also took the tractor down to the watering hole for the girls to go swimming, although only a brave few went swimming as it was quite cold!

Today was eval day where all of the girls ride for the first time. They all did a fantastic job and loved having their first lesson of the session. Tomorrow at breakfast they find out who their horse and instructor for the session will be – exciting!



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