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EVR 2-Week: Dream barns and trail riding

After our relaxing theme day on sunday, the girls had a busy day yesterday riding their horses and getting out in the sun. We played soccer and went swimming at farm camp and made the most of the warmer weather. Yesterday’s ground lesson was round pen – a way of getting a horse to trust you by using your body language to show them that you are not a threat. The aim of it is to get the horse to follow you happily of it’s own accord and it can be a magical experience for both complete beginners and experienced riders alike. Today in our ground lessons we spent time in arts and crafts designing our dream barns and dream horses. There were some very creative suggestions and interesting architecture  as well as some very colourful dream horses!

Last night’s evening program was Staff demo where the girls get the chance to see their counsellors and instructors ride. It’s always a great evening as the girls get to see what our horses and instructors can do! Over the next couple of days the girls will all be going on a trail ride in order to put the skills that they have learnt in the arena to the test. It is also nice to have a break from the arena and get out to explore the surrounding area on horseback.

Today we have been making shelters in the woods using natural resources – the aim is to make them sturdy enough to withstand a counsellor created storm! Tonight’s evening program is called CHAOS – keep an eye on smug mug to find out what this entails!




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