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EVR 2 Week: Horse & More!

Everyone has been very busy with lots of different activities so far! We have been learning lots about our horses and they are getting to know their horses really well – both during their riding lessons and ground lessons. They have learnt lots, such as different horse breeds and colours! The girls performed their own horseless horse show where they designed an obstacle course and then each took turns to be the horse themselves to go around it, which they all found hilarious and loved!

We have played some sports activities, one of which was Sharks and Minnows, which they didn’t want to end! Last night’s evening program was Wells Fargo, and was a huge hit with the girls as they have already been asking when they can play it again! It involves two teams, where each team has some gold in each of their banks, which the other team can steal and win for their own team. However everyone also has a sock attached to them, which can also be stolen, but once you lose a sock, you’re frozen until somebody gives you a sock they have collected back. Everyone loved this game because you can chose a strategy that suits you – meaning everyone got involved and had a great evening of fun!!

The girls have also spent time at our waterfront swimming, and creaking in our stream, as well as boating at the farm – all have been really enjoyed by the girls and they all seem to love the water! We have also been doing some arts and crafts, where they have been really creative with the paint in decorating their Nalgene water bottles!

The girls have had the chance to choose an activity during hang out, and these vary each day so there is lots of choice! Gaga ball, volleyball, and drawing games have all been a really popular choice!

Yesterday as an activity everyone got to have a chance to see what it would be like to make a shelter in the forest in team, which was so much fun! Today everyone got a chance to go to farm camp, meet and play with lots of different animals! They got to meet goats, lamb, piglets, cows and many more!!

Tonight’s evening program is a nature night hike, which will be really fun for the girls to dress in dark clothes and camouflage themselves for the games during the hike!


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