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EVR 2 Week: Horses & So Much More!

Today is the 5th day of riding and the girls have really been able to get to know their horses well and are all doing so great in their lessons!! Over the past few days they have all been learning lots and been super busy in different activities! Yesterday the girls got to perform their own horseless horse show where they designed an obstacle course and then each took turns to be the horse themselves to go around it, which they all found hilarious and loved! Today they learnt about horse vet care where they got to put what they learnt into practice by tending to a few cuts and scratches the horses had!

During our non-horse time we have also been doing really fun things, including challenging ourselves and trusting each other during low rope obstacles. We have been having so much fun, that the rain couldn’t even keep us down! Yesterday afternoon the girls were all so busy learning new dance routines, playing team building activities and using their creativity by creating their own dream barn that we didn’t even get a chance to notice the bad weather outside! The girls got to show of all of their new dance moves after dinner when we had a mini dance party! After this we had our evening programme where we played a super fun game called BOPPERS!!!

This evening the girls made banana boats with deliciously filled melted chocolate and marshmallows, which they all enjoyed! They also had hangout time where they got the spend time with everyone and anyone this evening! They got to chose between lots of different activities including: Gaga, Wink Murderer, Origami, just to name a few! Tomorrow they are all so excited for bareback day too!!


Laura Stirling

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