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EVR 2-Week: Challenge night and horse assignments

After a busy Eval day on Monday the girls were extremely excited to find out who their horses for the session would be. They were told early at breakfast on Tuesday morning before half of them went to the barn to ride their horses and meet their instructors for the first time. They all got on really well and are looking forward to improving their riding skills during the session. The rest of the girls spent the morning playing soccer and doing arts and crafts before they switched in the afternoon. Our Yurts are all looking fabulous now that they are decorated with everyone’s artwork! As well as riding their horses the girls have also learnt how to groom and tack, lead and tie them up correctly. In our ground lessons over the last couple of days we have learnt about breeds and colours as well as vet care, which the girls have all found very interesting. Sadly the river is too high for us to swim in at the moment, but we have made the most of the time by playing everyone’s favourite camp games instead.

Evening programme last night was a camp favourite: Challenge night! The aim of the game is to work together in a team to complete various challenges ranging from silliest group photo to best counselor impression! All of the girls enjoyed themselves and had the chance to make some new friends whilst showcasing their talents. Tonight they will be playing USB, the best camp game around!



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