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EVR 4-week: Dream Catchers, Equine Sports Coaching & Drill team

Things have been exciting here in the 4-week program! Drill team decorations are coming along well and the theme is looking awesome. For evening program on Monday night, the girls had the opportunity to make dream catchers. The results were impressive and the yurt is now beautifully decorated with them.

Today the 4 week girls learnt how to massage their own horses in Sam’s Equine Massage lesson. It was lovely to see the girls bonding with their horses in the sunshine. After the horses were relaxed and pampered, the girls  started a project which they will continue with over the next week called Equine Sports Coaching. The girls learnt what a horse riding instructor looks for when teaching  and focused on the correct positions at the walk and trot. They then put their knowledge to the test by coaching Erin, one of the counselors, on how to get the perfect riding position.  The girls really enjoyed the session and all put what they had learnt into practice in there riding lessons this afternoon.



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